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Page 6 The administrative reform in Russia and the construction complex .

The interview with General Director ANO Sevzapstoytrest (Saint-Petersburg) P.Koshkarov. The subject of talking: the 4th Assembly of business-like cooperation development and of legislative leadership and the law of RF About the foundations of technical regulation in RF coming into force.

Page 12 Equipment and tools for production of fenestration.

ALUSTEM Co. represents equipment and tools for production of aluminium and PVC fenestration of the best Italian and German companies.

Page 13 Business of Engineering! Nix on working by hand.

KNAUF Co. represents gypsum plaster MP-75 for machine applying and the common features of machine applying of solutions.

Page 14 The monolithic house building: pro and contra.

The article is about advantages and disadvantages of monolithic house building and also about production

of Starooskolskaya opalubka plant.

Page16 The wall and roofing panels, providing reliable heat-insulation and refractoriness.

Here you can read about ISOWALL sandwich panels with insulation

of mineral wool or polystyrene.

Page 17 Business reputation is the same as capital.

The specialists of BIGI-stroy Co. try to solve engineering problems connected with reconstruction or assembly works of the heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems.

Page 18 Siberian Construction Week-2003.

In the article we highlight one of the largest annual construction exhibition of Siberia Siberian Construction Week organized by IECInterSib in Omsk.

Page 19 Attention! The seiling.

The article about the results of testing of the materials for ceilings which are represented on the Russian market.

Page 20 ARCHITECKS conquers Russia.

The point of view of construction specialists about the facing materials of the new generation- ArchiteckS- by Honseong Industrial Company Ltd.( South Korea). Its exclusive representative in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States is KEYSU Industrial Company Ltd.

Page 22 The fast-raising buildings: warmly, surely, modernly.

The article is about The Canadian House Co. which fulfils a complete cycle of works at projection, production, delivery and assembling of the various fast-raising buildings.

Page 26 The systems of aluminum profiles by ALTECO are the proud of Energotechmach.

In the article you can read about the plant Energotechmach (Zhigulevsk, Samara region), which celebrated its

50th-anniversary. The plant produ-cesALTECO trade mark systems of aluminium profiles for production of windows, doors, faades, conservatories, balcony frame fillings, commercial equipment and many other things.

Page 27 HUECK and NARTMANN are united.

About the new faade series heat-cold and girth rail- girth rail appeared as a result of business amalgamation of two profiles systems creators HUECK and NARTMANN.

Page 28 Modern wooden windows-the right choice.

The interview with the Director of Adonis-Z.Arudov. Adonis practices woodworking, construction and finishing works . One of the leading branches of its activity is the production of high-quality double glazed windows .

Page 32 Something about butyl hermetic tapes, their producers and competitive activity.

The butyl tapes are destined to provide waterproof of the constructions. They are able to protect the assembly building foam from the moisture influence, UV-radiation and other natural factors by OOO The plant of hermetic materials production.

Page 34 We work to make cities more beautiful .

V.Popov-General Director of the brick-yard OOO Siberian Elements answers the questions of journalists.

Page 36 Ceramics, building grip and the dry building mixes from Karelia.

The article is about the production of Chupinsk ore mining and processing enterprise.

Page 38 High-quality additions for concrete.

The group of companies ICT is a distributor of French concern Saint Gobain. It represents on Russian market, the series of high-quality glass-fibber products destined for armoring of concrete plaster, building mortars and also the production of glass-fibber concrete, glassy nettings for construction destination.

Page 39 Monolithic aerocrete:complex methods of heating.

In the article you can read about the application of monolithic aerocrete in the heating of roofs, constructing of attics, in the many-storied building envelopes.

Page 43 There is no alternative to polymeric roofing materials.

About polymeric roofing and waterproofing materials on the base of caoutchouc with high physical-mechanical and unique operational and technological characteristics of Russian production.

Page 46 Modern roofing and faade materials.

The general dealer of Finnish concern Rannila Steel Oy-SLP Management Group LTD-represents the modern roofing and faade materials : roofing steel Rannila Classic, metallotile Monterrey, faade construction Liberta, wall panel RANNILA, faade thermoelements NORDICON.

Page 47 Domestic mobile equipment for the roof production.

The article is about mobile equipment for the roof production by OOO Centrosnbreserve.

Page 48 Metal Profile face to the regions.

Here you can read about the company Metal Profile-the producer of metallotile , decoration and safety elements for roofs, drain systems, metallic weatherboards and other production. The company includes 6 plants in Moscow, Rostov- on-Don, Krasnodar, Ekaterinburg, Saint-Petersburg and Minsk. It has 25 trade missions throughout Russia.

Page 49 VADEN Co.: two new technological lines of the proflist rolling are put into mass production.

RTK VADEN put into mass production two technological lines of the proflist rolling for the roofing and proflist for wall-envelopes and faades.

Page 55 To protect means to keep.

In the article you can read about protective coats: organic-silicone compositions by ZAO Morozovsk chemical plant ( Saint-Petersburg).

Page 56 Economical aspects of heat-insulation applying for the regions.

About effective insulation in the heating systems; the features of building insulation; about the problems of heat saving of tumbledown housing stock.

Page 59 Atlass advises for the heating.

The advisers of the ATLAS group answer the question: what material for the heat insulation is better to choose, how to attach the heat-insulating layer, is the inside layer under the plaster necessary, what is better to use mineral or acryl plaster.

Page 60 Under the protection of Penoplex the reliable heat-insulation from the roof to the substructure.

The question is about insulating boards Penoplex and about the field of their application in construction.

Page 62 How to make a cosy home under the roof.

Saint Gobain Isover Co. represents the light thermal isolation ISOVER the best known brands of ISOVER KT and KL series and their combined implement with the wind-proof materials of ISOVER RKL series. They are represented by semi-rigid glass-fibre plates with or without incrustation and are used for the wind-proofing of the light isolation when warming roofs,under-roofing space and fasades.

Page 65 The cavitation advantages and disadvantages.

New development in the domain of autonomous heat- and power engineering: high-performance heat-generator with increased efficiency.

Page 68 The energy-efficient technologies in the utility heat-supply systems. The energy-efficient in the decentralization of heat- and water supply with using of autonomous and flat heat sources.

Page 70 The housing and communal services reform: the pumps for the heat- and water supply systems.

The energy-saving pumps of the heat- and water supply systems by Russian producer. The advises which account must be taken when you choose a pump.

Page 73 VENTA -quality and reliability at all points!

OAO Nizhneturinskiy machine-building plant VENTA represents ventilating and heating equipment, motor-car hydraulic hoists, equipment of chemic-technological destination, block boiler plants, collapsible metallic heated buildings-hangars.

Page 76 New materials for plastic pipelines.

The company Borealis (Denmark) represents polypropylene of Borealis RA-13 OE (PP R-100) label. This new material was especially developed for production of pipes and fittings, which are used in water supply and heating systems.

Page 77 LIFTEXPO-2003

About the 1st international exhibition of lifts and hoisting gears which took place in Moscow. The organizer is ZAO LIFT.

Page 78 Intelligent control for lift modernization.

The modernized lift control device is designed to control of lifts with unregulated driving gear in the residential constructions. The speed of the cage movement is about 1,4 m/s, the number of stops is about 24. It is possible to join 4 lifts into the group.

Page 79 Extreme in Saint-Petersburg.

About the exhibition Recovery aids. Extreme-2003 which took place at LenExpo.

Page 84 Protective-switching devices by Legrand.

The cut-out switches by Legrand ( France) are compact devices which can operate as protecting, disconnection and breaking.

Page 86 MASTERPACT NT/NW- cut-out switch for everybody.

In this article you can read about the new series of the low voltage air cut-out switches MASTERPACT NT/NW by French company Schneider Electric.

Page 88 Lets solve a problem of calculation and distribution of the electrical energy.

You can read about panel equipment of concern Energomera(Stariy Oskol) the leading producer of electrotechnical equipment.

Page 90 SHK MOSCOW 2003.Tremendous results.

In the article you can read about SHK Moscow-2003, the particularized exhibition of sanitary engineering, heating, conditioning and building automation. The organizer is Messe Dusseldorf.

Page 99 The Intellectual Building automated monitoring system.

The article is about the automated monitoring system, which provides optimization of functioning of the Intellectual Building engineering systems.

Page 92 AVOC always at a high level.

The conference of NP Heating, ventilating, heat supply and construction thermal-physics engineers and the European association of heating equipment producers.

Page 93 Manual welding in the gas protection medium.

The article is about manual welding and a problem of choice of the welding equipment.

Page 95 Architecture and Construction- the dialogue of professionals.

About Architectural-construction forum organized by ZAO Nizhegorodskaya yarmarka in Nizhniy Novgorod.

Page 96 Engineering protection of territories, buildings and dwellings .The article is about wickets and fences.

Page 98 The Intellectual Building in Belgorod region.

The presentation of the OAO Belgorod-energo business centre infrastructure project made by EcoProg Co.

Page 101 The Intellectual Building systems trade-entertaining complexes.

the beginning of the article See in the 4th/2003 issue. The question is about the fire alarm systems, the voice-notification systems, the automatic fire-fighting systems, the system of information gathering and collation, the life-support system, the dispatching system, etc.

Page 104 Producers of windows, join together!

In the article you can read about the annual international scientific-practical seminar Energy Efficient Windows3, which was held in Saint-Petersburg, oscow and Rostov-on-Don. L. Shakhnes- Executive Director of APROK- tells his point of view about this event.

Page 108 Aesthetics and Beauty.

NPP Sistrom represents the technologies which can be used for the production of tremendous cement and malm facing stabs for faades and interiors, paving slabs, edge-stones.


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